Collection: Lincang Legacy (临沧)

Lincang Legacy – A Collection Celebrating the Essence of Yunnan's Pu'er Tea

Embark on a flavorful journey with our "Lincang Legacy" Pu'er Tea Collection. Sourced from the renowned tea-growing region of Lincang in Yunnan, this collection is a testament to the high-quality standards of Pu'er tea. Known for its rich content and harmonious composition, Lincang Pu'er stands out for its high levels of water-extractable substances, offering a brewing endurance of over ten infusions. This characteristic ensures a delayed release of flavors, with the true depth and complexity emerging in later brews. Experience the delayed yet impactful essence of Lincang Pu'er, a hallmark of Yunnan's tea craftsmanship. This collection is perfect for those who appreciate a tea that reveals its character slowly, offering a nuanced and lasting taste journey.