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Mengku Dragon Ball Raw Pu'er Tea - 2023 -Gift set

Mengku Dragon Ball Raw Pu'er Tea - 2023 -Gift set

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Origin: Sourced from the prestigious Lincang region in Yunnan, China, our Mengku Dragon Ball Raw Pu'er Tea is a 2023 harvest that embodies the essence of its terroir.

Taste Profile: This tea offers a uniquely rich and full-bodied experience. It greets the palate with a robust sweetness, balanced by subtle bitterness and a pleasant aftertaste. The complex flavor profile develops with each infusion, making every sip a delight.

Brewing Instructions:

  • First Infusion: Brew with boiling water. Wait 30-60 seconds for the dragon ball to loosen and discard this first infusion.
  • Subsequent Infusions (2nd-5th): Use hot water (above 90°C). Steep for 5-15 seconds, then separate the tea leaves from the water.
  • 6th Infusion Onwards: Add 30 seconds to each subsequent infusion. This tea is robust and can be enjoyed for more than 15 infusions.

Health Benefits: Mengku Dragon Ball Raw Pu'er Tea is known to promote digestion, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, balance blood sugar, and provide a mindful, calming experience.

Packaging: Each dragon ball weighs 10g, making it a perfect gift set, especially for Father's Day, promoting health and well-being. The tea is organic, further enhancing its health benefits. The Color of the gift set may vary.

Caffeine Content: Contains caffeine. It is recommended to avoid consumption in the evening if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light, water, and odors to maintain its quality and flavor.

Experience the rich, evolving flavors of Mengku Dragon Ball Raw Pu'er Tea and enjoy a journey of taste and health with every brew.

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