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Traditional Yunan Black Tea

Traditional Yunan Black Tea

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Traditional Yunnan Black Tea (Dianhong)

Immerse yourself in the Traditional Yunnan Black Tea, harvested in 2022 from Fengqing. This black tea offers a journey into authentic tea artistry. Known for its distinctive pine undertone and rich floral and fruity aromas, each sip offers a subtle sweetness that captivates the palate.

Flavor Profile: This tea is an intricate blend of light pine flavor and a bouquet of floral and fruity scents, complemented by a gentle sweetness, creating a memorable tasting experience.

Brewing Instructions: It is recommended to brew with water at 80°C, using 4-5 grams of tea leaves for 125 ml of water. Start with a rinse, then for the second infusion, pour immediately after steeping. Extend each subsequent infusion by 15-30 seconds to enjoy the evolving flavors.

Health Benefits: Dianhong is not only unique in taste but also offers multiple health benefits, including diuretic effects, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, detoxification, relieving fatigue, and promoting fluid production. Additionally, it aids in preventing dental caries, antioxidation, reducing blood sugar and pressure, lowering cholesterol, and offering radiation protection.

Experience the essence of Traditional Yunnan Dianhong and savor your very own moments of tea indulgence.

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