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Raw Pu'er Tea - Kunlu Mountain (2019 Vintage)(困鹿山)

Raw Pu'er Tea - Kunlu Mountain (2019 Vintage)(困鹿山)

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Raw Pu'er Tea - Kunlu Mountain (2019 Vintage)(困鹿山)

Discover the refined elegance of the 2019 Kunlu Mountain Raw Pu'er Tea, a distinguished member of Yunnan's three major tea-producing regions. This tea is celebrated for its sophistication and grace, often described as the epitome of 'elegance' in the world of Pu'er.

Appearance and Color: The dry leaves of Kunlu Mountain tea, predominantly consisting of small and medium-sized leaves, present a distinctive short and bright yellow appearance, setting it apart from the dark green of Menghai or the oily black of Yiwu teas. The brew itself is a clear, golden hue, making it easily recognizable and highly distinctive.

Flavor Profile: Described in eight characters as "humble as a gentleman, gentle as jade," this tea offers a unique taste experience. Unlike the boldness of 'Lao Ban Zhang', the smoothness of 'Mansong', or the thick sweetness of 'Bingdao', Kunlu Mountain Raw Pu'er Tea strikes a perfect balance. It starts with a mild bitterness that swiftly transforms into a quick and pronounced sweetness. The tea's aroma is delicately refined, and its sweetness is superior, with a smooth and pure broth. The aftertaste is sweet and moist, lingering long in the throat, creating an uplifting yet profound sensation.

Brewing Method: To capture its full elegance, brew with boiling water (100°C / 212°F) using 6-8 grams of tea per 150-200 ml of water. Start with a quick rinse, followed by a 5-second steep for the second infusion, progressively lengthening the steeping time to delve into its layered flavors.

Tasting Notes: This tea is an exemplar of balance and refinement in Pu'er teas, combining the key characteristics of aroma, sweetness, and smoothness in perfect harmony. It's neither too warm nor too cool, neither too dry nor too moist, offering a clear yet rich palate, truly a 'gentleman' among Pu'er teas.

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