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Pu'er Fermanted Tea--Chin-Tea Signature tea collection

Pu'er Fermanted Tea--Chin-Tea Signature tea collection

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Pu'er Fermented Tea from Chin-Tea Signature Collection 

Delve into the world of the Pu'er Fermented Tea from Chin-Tea Signature Collection, harvested in the rich, ancient forests of Mangzhi, Xishuangbanna in 2020. This exquisite tea, known for its meticulous fermentation process, encapsulates the depth and complexity of Yunnan's tea heritage.

Flavor and Aroma: Embrace the lush, smooth essence of this Pu'er tea, notable for its absence of bitterness and a deep, rich infusion. Each sip unfolds layers of subtle sweetness, intertwined with the unique aroma only aged Pu'er can offer.

Brewing Instructions: For an optimal experience, use boiling water (100C or 212 F) with 5-8 grams of tea per 125 ml. Begin with a quick rinse, then steep for 15 seconds on the second infusion, gradually increasing the steeping time by 30 seconds with each subsequent brew to fully appreciate its evolving flavors.

Health Benefits: More than a delightful beverage, this Pu'er Fermented Tea is a wellness ally, known for aiding in lipid reduction, weight management, lowering blood pressure, and promoting cardiovascular health. It also offers antioxidative properties and supports gastric health.

Experience the splendor of Yunnan with each cup of chin-tea Private Collection Pu'er Fermented Tea, where tradition meets the tranquility of nature.

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