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Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu'er Tea-Year of 2018 (老班章)

Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu'er Tea-Year of 2018 (老班章)

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Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu'er Tea-Year of 2018

Discover the esteemed Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu'er Tea, a true gem from the renowned tea region of Ban Zhang. Harvested with care, this raw tea showcases the exceptional expressiveness and high-reaching floral aroma that Ban Zhang teas are famous for. Known as the "King of Pu'er," its distinct characteristic lies in its quickly dissolving bitterness, which transitions into a pleasing and well-balanced flavor profile.

Flavor and Aroma: Lao Ban Zhang Raw Tea is celebrated for its full-bodied fragrance, harmonious substance, and invigorating freshness. The tea offers a unique experience with its rich aromatics, abundant salivation, and excellent sweet aftertaste, making every sip a journey into the heart of Pu'er tea tradition.

Brewing Method: For the best brewing experience, use boiling water (100°C/212°F) with 6-8 grams of tea for 150-200 ml of water. Begin with a quick rinse, then steep for about 5 seconds for the second infusion, gradually increasing the steeping time to fully appreciate its evolving complexity.

Health Benefits: Beyond its exquisite taste, Lao Ban Zhang Raw Tea is recognized for health benefits such as cancer prevention, mental stimulation, and aiding in lowering blood lipids.

Storage Suggestions: To preserve the quality of Lao Ban Zhang Raw Tea, store it in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from direct light and odors. Ensure it's kept away from moisture and kitchen areas to maintain its pristine condition.

Embrace the legacy of Yunnan's tea culture with Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu'er Tea, a tea that truly represents the purity and grandeur of Pu'er teas.

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